Defense Exercise Between India and World

◆Garuda Shakti →India-Indonesia
◆Hand-Hand→ India-China
◆Indra →India-Russia
◆Jimex→ India-Japan
◆Malbar →Us-India
◆Shade →Naval Forces of India, Japan and China
◆Surya Kiran→ India-Nepal
◆Varuna →France-India
◆Simbex→ Indian Navy with Republic of Singapore Navy
◆Ibsamar →India with Brazil and South African Navy
◆Konkan→ Indian Navy and Royal Navy of Britain
◆Ausindex→ Indian and Australian Navy
◆Indradhanush or Rainbow→ India-Uk Air Exercise
◆Nomadic Elephant→ Indian Army Exercise with Mongolia
◆Ekuverin→ India-Maldives
◆Mitra Shakti →India-Sri Lanka
◆Naseem Al-Bahr →India-Oman.

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