Computer Quiz

1) Digital computers are classified in four categories. What are they?
Answer:- Microcomputers, Mini computers, Mainframe computers and Super computers.

2) PC/XT stands for? 
Answer:- Personal computers extended technology.

3) PC/AT stands for? 
Answer:- Personal computers advanced technology.

4) MIPS is? 
Answer:- million instructions per second.

5) Example for mini computers? 
Answer:- IBM AS/400/B60, VAX 8842, WIPROGENIUS, WIPRO LANDMARK 860, HP 9000 etc.

6) In the case of Microcomputers speed of CPU is?
Answer:- 1-10 MIPS.

7) Speed of CPU in the case of Minicomputer is? 
Answer:- 20-50 MIPS.

8) Speed of CPU in the case of Mainframe computer is? 
Answer:- 30-100 MIPS.

9) Speed of CPU in the case of Super computer is? 
Answer:- 400-10000 MIPS.

10) Word length of Microcomputers? 
Answer:- 8-32 bit.

11) Word length of Mainframe computers?
Answer:- 48-64 bit.

12) Word length of Super computers? 
Answer:- 64 or 96 bit.

13) Main memory has 3 distinct parts. What are they?
Answer:- Ram, Rom, Cache.

14) Two different types of Semi-conductor RAM memories are there. What are they? 
Answer:- DRAM (Dynamic RAM), SRAM (Static RAM)

15) In which memory, the data stored are lost in the event of power failure? 
Answer:- DRAM, SRAM.

16) EPROM stands for? 
Answer:- Erasable programmable Read Only Memory.

17) UPROM stands for? 
Answer:- Ultraviolet Programmable Read Only Memory.

18) EAPROM stands for?Answer:- Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory.

19) A standard protocol that describes communication between computers, synthesizers and musical instrument is? 
Answer:- MIDI.

20) The program change that makes up the operating system, along with the associated utility program change, as distinct from an application program is? 
Answer:- System software.

21) The basis of internet is? 
Answer:- TCP/IP.

22) To remove permanently, the content of data file in a database management system erase is? 
Answer:- ZAP.

23) 4GL stands for? 
Answer:- Fourth generation language.

24) FORTRAN is acronym for? 
Answer:- Formula Translator.

25) The first compiled high level programming language developed by Jim Backus of IBM is? 
Answer:- FORTRAN (it is widely used in engineering, technical and academic settings)

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