GK Basic 50 Question With Answers

1. Who became the 14th President Of India- Ram Nath Kovind India’s new president 2017)

2. Which is the smallest bird in the world- Humming Bird (It also holds the record for the smallest nest ever build by a bird)

3. According to Ramayana who was Lakshmana’s mother-Sumitra

4. Largest apple producing state in India is- Jammu & Kashmir

5. Which is the fastest land animal-Cheetha

6. Which was the first Indian talkie movie to be released- Alam Ara

7 . How many golds India has won in olympics hockey uptill now-8

8. Which land animal moves most slowly-snail

9. Who was lord Krishna’s wife-Rukmani

10. Fastest bird in the world- Swift

11. Largest country in the world-Russia

12. Smallest country in the world- Vatican City

13. Which is the largest fresh water lake in India- Wular Lake

14. In Mahabharat, what was the name of Bheem’s son-Ghatothkach

15. What was the first movie in India- Raja Harishchandra (1913 
silent film)

16. In which year was Mahatma Gandhi assassinated-1948

17. Who is the writer of ‘Wings Of Fire’- Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

18. Who has written the national anthem of India- Rabindranath Tagore

19. Late Dr. Abdul Kalam’s full name was- Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam

20. What Galileo Invented- Thermometer

21. Name the famous battle that Rana Pratap fought against 
Akbar’s forces-Haldighat

22 . Where is fort William located- Kolkata

23. The Chakra (Wheel) in the Indian national flag has how many spokes- 24

24. The design of the national flag was adopted by the constituent assembly of India on- 22nd July 1947

25. The National Flag of India was designed by- Pingali Venkayyaand 

26. Who has written the national song : Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay 

27. Largest continent in the world- Asia
28. Smallest continent in the world- Australia

29. Largest desert in the world-Sahara (North Africa)

30. Shortest day falls on- 22nd December

31. Longest day falls on- 21st June

32. India’s first color film name- Kisan Kanya

33. What is the proportion or ratio of Indian flag- 2:3

34. India’s first prime minister name was- Jawaharlal Nehru

35. Who was the first Indian chess player to get the Grandmaster norm- Vishwanathan Anand

36. Where is India’s first nuclear center- Tarapur

37. The dance form Garba is associated with which state- Gujarat

38. Which of the river doesn’t rise in India-Brahmaputra 

39. Who framed the constitution of India- Dr. B.R Ambedkar

40. Who is founder of Facebook- Mark Zuckerberg

41. Largest lake in the world- Caspian Sea

42. Deepest lake in the world- Baikal (Siberia)

43. Biggest planet name is- Jupiter

44. Smallest planet name is- Mercury

45. Who was the first president of India- Rajendra Prasad

46. Who is referred to as the Father of India- Mahatma Gandhi

47. The lightest gas name is- Hydrogen 

48. The intensity of earthquake wave is recorded by- Seismograph

49. The only active volcano in India- Barron, Andaman and Nicobar

50. ‘Tum mujhe khoon do, main tumhe aazadi doonga’ which Indian freedom fighter said this- Subhas Chandra Bose.

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