Important inventions in Physics

Invention                                              Inventor

Airplane                                  Wright Brothers (Orville and Wilbur)

Atomic Number                                         Mosley

Blood Group                                      Karl Landsteiner

Electric Light Bulb                           Thomas Edison

Electric charge                                 Benjamin Franklin

Electromagnetic Theory                  James Clerk Maxwell

Electron                                               J.J. Thomson

Heliocentric Model                          Nicolas Copernicus

Law of Gases                                       Gay Lussac

Motion of Planets                              Johannes Kepler

Nuclear Reactor                                   Enrico Fermi

Penicillin                                         Sir Alexander Fleming

Periodic law                                          Mendeleev

Photon                                                 Albert Einstein

Radio                                                      Marconi

Radium                                                Marie Curie

Raman Effect                                      Sir C.V.Raman

Steam Engine                                       James Watt

Telephone                                         Alexander Graham  Bell

Telescope                                                  Galileo

Television                                                J.L.Baird

Theory of Relativity                               Albert Einstein

Thermometer                                      Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit

Transformer                                           Michael Faraday

Electric Motor                                        Michael Faraday

Vierner Scale                                           Pierre Vernier

X-rays                                                    Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen

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