YouTube vs. TikTok | What is better? Tik Tok or YouTube? | The Differences between Tiktok and YouTube :

Deep inside we all know YouTube is best compared to tiktok. I am writing this answer when there is YouTube vs. Tiktok controversy is going on:-
I have many points to support my statement
  • The amount of efforts put.
  1. Tik tok... First things first to the most I know the time limit is maximum around 60 seconds. So you perform for the whole of 60 seconds.
  2. Youtube... To those who don't know if a YouTube channel is monetized, you need minimum of 10 minutes video if you want to earn something better... So you perform for whole of 10*60 seconds.
  • Content
  1. TIk tok.. . There are usually some recorded words and people mostly dub or act on it. This means zero content creation.
  2. You tube .. Right from thinking about a topic to scripting and performing there is a notable content work which a YouTube has to do.
  • Editing
  1. Tik tok . This plays an important role but the amount of efforts put is least. Even if you insert a edit every second (though that's not practical).. The most will be 60 and mind it you don't need to find a different software to do it.
  2. YouTube .. First you need an appropriate software which suits your content, you also need to practise on it and spend hours on it. I've seen my brother spending hours on editing it in best way.. And when he is busy I am the one to do it so I personally know how difficult it is.
  • Audience
  1. TIk tok.. Majority of people are those with lots of time but they are definitely not in search of some learning.
  2. YouTube ... No doubt there are some who waste time but most surf it in search of some information or educational content.
I hope I did a unbiased review of these platforms, but now onwards I'll say youtube is king, Tiktok dogs don't even have nearby content that to of youtube, fuck off Tiktok, you are useless shameless. There is no comparison in between these two. 

Always YouTube, forever YouTube yayy!!.

The Differences between Tiktok and YouTube :
  1. YouTube contain different category videos. tiktok only contain dub smash or small duration videos. but youtube contain lengthy videos and small videos also.
  2. in YouTube we can see live videos. we cannot see live videos on tiktok.
  3. if we famous on YouTube we become a celebrity and our videos reach most of the people. but if we are famous on tiktok, we are not much famous.
  4. YouTube pays money for ads. so so many people are depended on YouTube. tiktok is not like that.
  5. for YouTube we need to create channel and follow so many rules and regulations. but in tiktok we do not need to create any channel.
  6. youTube is a very big ocean..but tiktok is just small sea.

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