Sawan Somvar 2020 : Tomorrow is the first Monday of the month of Savan, worship Lord Shiva in this way

Today i.e. from July 6, the year of Sawan month of 2020 will start on Monday. According to the Hindu calendar, fasting and festivals begin with the month of Shravan.

In Hinduism, the special significance of Shravan month is stated. Especially in many Hindu scriptures, this month has been given special importance for worshiping Lord Shiva and his devotion. It is believed that Sawan month is the only month when Shiva devotees can please Mahadev and get his blessings very easily. This month is dedicated to Lord Shiva, so bathing in the holy rivers and Rudrabhishek of Lord Shiva also have special significance during this time.

What is the significance of Monday fast of Sawan?

Monday is worshiped for worshiping Lord Shiva and especially for marital life.

If there is no marriage in the horoscope or there are obstacles in the marriage, then the Monday of the month of Savan should be taken with resolution.

Even if there is age or health constraints in the horoscope or there is a problem of mental conditions, then the fast of Monday of Sawan gives the best results.

It is best to take the resolution of Monday fast in the month of Savan, apart from this it can also be done in other months.

It mainly worships Shiva Linga and water and Bel Patra is offered on it.

Sawan Somwar 2020: सावन सोमवार व्रत की पूजा ...
Worship method

After bathing in the morning, go to Shiva temple.

Go barefoot from home and take water in the lotus from home. You can also offer water at home in lockdown.

Offer water on the Shivling, prostrate to God.

Standing and chant the Shiva Mantra 108 times.

In the evening, chant the Lord's mantras again and perform his aarti.

At the end of the puja, only take aquatic food

Next day, donate food cloth first and then go and destroy the fast. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned specialist before implementing them).

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